Photos from the conference and related visits in London and Cambridge

Part of the delegation from Moscow Lomonosov State University in the courtyard of Somerset House: Alexandr Preobrazhensky, Valery Turchin, Alexandra Salienko, Mikhail Allenov, Engelina Smirnova, Alina Platonova, Andrei Karev
Panel 3: East-West in dialogue in Imperial Russia. Panel discussion with Mikhail Allenov, Andrei Nikol’skii, and Louise Hardiman, chaired by Rosalind P. Blakesley
Panel 5: Centre and Periphery: representing the Soviet nationalities in Moscow. Panel discussion with Alina Platonova, Galina Abbasova and Jenn Brewin, chaired by Natalia Murray
Panel 6: Russian art abroad. Panel discussion with Nicholas Bueno de Mesquita, Elena Zhukova, Galina Mardilovich, and Willem Jan Renders, chaired by John Milner.
CCRAC-MGU visit to Dorich House – group discussion of the collection. Brenda Martin (Curator, Dorich House), Natalia Budanova, Mikhail Allenov, Alexandra Salienko, Olga Vladislavovna Furman, Louise Hardiman, Fran Lloyd (Professor of Art History, Kingston University), Alina Platonova, Galina Abbasova, Zalina Tetermazova, Vera Naumova, Valery Turchin, Engelina Smirnova, and Andrei Nikol’skii
CCRAC-MGU lunch at Pembroke College, Cambridge. Standing: Elena Zhukova, John Milner, Natalia Budanova, Jenn Brewin, Rosalind P. Blakesley, Andrei Karev, Nicola Kozicharow, Alexandra Salienko, Agnes Kriza, Cinthia Willaman, Alexandr Preobrazhensky. Seated: Engelina Smirnova, Mikhail Allenov, Zalina Tetermazova, Alina Platonova, Galina Abbasova, Vera Naumova, Olga Furman, and Valery Turchin
Moscow Lomonosov State University delegation at Pembroke College, Cambridge. Jenn Brewin, Zalina Tetermazova, Galina Abbasova, Alexandra Salienko, Andrei Nikol’skii, Olga Furman, Andrei Karev, Vera Naumova, and Mikhail Mikhailovich Allenov.
Moscow Lomonosov State University delegation in Cambridge. John Milner, Engelina Smirnova, Mikhail Allenov, Alexandr Preobrazhensky, Valery Turchin, Natalia Budanova, Alexandra Salienko, Andrei Karev, Zalina Tetermazova, Galina Abbasova, Vera Naumova, Alina Platonova, and Olga Furman
CCRAC-MGU visit to see Russian porcelain and portrait engravings at the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge. Engelina Smirnova, Natalia Budanova, Vera Naumova and John Milner
CCRAC-MGU visit to see the Russian icons collection at Girton College, Cambridge. Nicky Kozicharow, Alexandr Preobrazhensky, Richard Marks, Zalina Tetermazova